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Our Services

Business Advisory Services

We prefer a holistic approach to helping our business clients. Working concurrently with clients and their lawyers, investment planners, and bankers, we assist in discussing business strategies that help clients achieve their goals. By preparing current management-use financial statements, we provide business owners with prompt information to better manage their operations and finances.

Analyzing Data

Compliance Services

Businesses have various compliance reports that must be filed accurately and on time. We prepare 1099s, 1095s, W-2s, quarterly and monthly payroll tax reports, sales tax reports, and more. Clients are welcome to call our office for advice to ensure they are in compliance with various regulations, including application of the CARES Act. 

Tax Planning

We prepare income tax returns, to help clients find ways to apply tax laws and regulations to reduce taxation. Every client’s situation is different and everyone needs a unique plan. While some tax planning just focuses on reduced taxation, we also focus on making sure the tax strategies also work with other client goals for business and personal finances.

Investment Chart

Individual and

Business Tax Returns

We prepare tax returns of many types, complexity levels, and income levels. We help clients who are employed (W-2s), self-employed (Schedule C), retired with investment income and pensions, farmers (schedule F), business owners (K-1s) and rental property owners (Schedule E). However, we do focus on the clients who need the complete package; financial reports, compliance services, corporate or partnership tax return - if applicable, and then an individual income tax return.

Fiduciary Tax Returns

Working with appointed fiduciaries and lawyers, we help take care of final tax returns (1040) and fiduciary returns (1041). Trusts and Estates have very unique tax regulations and tax returns. We strive to make the tax process go smoothly for the beneficiaries, trustees and/or appointed representatives.

Signing a Contract

Not-for-Profit Tax Returns

We enjoy helping charities who are working hard to make a positive difference.  Most not-for-profits must file an annual 990. Not only do we help with the 990, but we can also prepare financial statements that help the charity with fundraising and management activities.

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